Pre-Sale Loans

Our pre-sale loans allow you to access the value of your artwork upfront while you are waiting for the right price for your piece. Whether you are selling your artwork online, through a gallery, or an auction house, we offer a solution to gain instant access to funds so you can have peace of mind. 


Get your value now:

• Art can often take 6+ months to sell, even if your auction house or gallery is working hard for you.

• Getting your asking price can take time and it can feel like forever when you need funds now.

• Pre-sale loans allow you to access the value of your art upfront, or get pre-approved with no obligation.

•We take care of everything for you to save you time and money.


We make it easy:

• Application can be done online or over the phone.

• We can pre-approve you as a safety net with no obligation.

• A loan offer is sent to you with up to 50% of the appraised value of the artwork.

• You can be patient and ensure that you maximize the full value of your piece.

• You can arrange payback of your loan at any time - upon completion of a successful sale, or before.

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