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Why use LONO for art storage?

  • We are independent, third-party professionals in art services.

  • We offer discreet, highly personalized white glove service and protect your privacy.

  • We will find the best fine art storage options for your needs and help you avoid costly mistakes.


How will we help you

• We take time to understand your unique needs for art storage and can source quotes based on your requirements.

• We have relationships with the best art storage and transportation companies across the GTA.

• We can take care of organizing logistics and details for you or we can simply introduce you to the right people, you decide!

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How does art storage work?

Art storage providers allow you to keep your artwork safe and protected while it is not on your walls. There are many fine art storage companies in the Greater Toronto Area who offer various types of storage based on your needs. Most storage companies offer monthly rates based on the type and number of artwork you wish to store.


What should I look for in an art storage partner?

We have found that the most important factors in choosing an art storage partner are:

  • Customer service and a love for art: partners who appreciate and handle the artwork as you would
  • Climate-controlled facility: a steady temperature and humidity level is key to preserving your art's condition
  • Security: cameras, alarms and limited access art storage rooms should be in place
  • Affiliation with art insurance companies: some companies are approved by art insurance companies like AXA which may help lower your insurance rate during storage and provide further peace of mind


How much does art storage cost?

Art storage costs usually depend on the size and number of artworks you are storing. Many companies charge a monthly base rate and have additional costs per square footage of art. Often, there are also costs associated with the intake and handling of artwork. A LONO Specialist can help source accurate price quotes from top art storage facilities in the GTA.


What else do I need to think about when storing my artwork?

Not only do you want your artwork to be safe while it is being stored, but you also want professionals to move the artwork to and from the storage facility and ensure it is properly packed for protection while in storage. There are many fine art transportation companies in Toronto who can take care of the entire process for you - deinstallation, packing, transportation in climate-controlled vehicles and reinstallation when you bring your art back. 

The type of packing is also important and varies based on the type of artwork you have and how long you want to store it for. Packing options can range from soft packing which uses bubble wrap and cardboard to more long term options like wood crating.

Insurance for your artwork is also recommended if you don't already have it. Some storage companies offer insurance policies for the artwork you store or you can work with an insurance broker like Marsh Canada to source the best policy for your needs with top art insurance companies like AXA, XL Catlin, and Chubb. 


or call us directly at 416-450-5360

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